Wk B7 Activity: Graffiti Writing

Hello again everyone! It’s me, Erica, back again with another post on this week’s activity in Art 110. This week, our project was graffiti writing, where we had to get some spray paint and paint our name in bubble letters on a piece of cardboard, wood, or we had the opportunity to go to the Venice Beach boardwalk and spray paint the art walls.

Well Audrey, Hope, and I were super excited at the thought of going to Venice Beach, and with Hope’s parents down in Long Beach for the weekend, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to get together and drive to Venice for a fun filled day of art and food!

When we made it to Venice Beach, I was actually nervous about spray painting. Not because I thought I couldn’t do it, or let alone do it well, but more so because I did not want to paint over the art that someone else had created. Everything was so interesting and stood out on its own. The thought of covering up such wonderful pieces made me sad.

What changed my mind however, was looking closer at each piece and realizing that those pieces I was admiring so much, were covering someone else’s piece that was below theirs, and deeper and deeper those pieces went. So instead of feeling like I was covering something important up, I felt as though I would be adding on to the artwork, making my own little mark before eventually someone comes to cover mine up as well.

Thus Hope, Audrey and I picked a wall and got to work. I have to be honest, spray painting is so much fun!!! My control was definitely not the best, there were several spots where the paint would leak downward and I though the piece was ruined, but once you cover over those drips with paint, or better yet work with them, then your fear just turns into more excitement at what the final product might look like.

I had three colors of paint; black, white, and red, and it worked really well to support my plan of making my bubble letters look like they were bleeding a little bit (so the dripping of the paint did not actually look like a mistake! Yay!). Unfortunately I did not have the multiple spray paint can tips, so the paint tended to come out as one glob rather than a single stream. But that was okay, because my graffiti name came out really well, and so did Hope and Audrey’s!

With my excess paint, because of course I wasn’t going to go home with extra paint, I spelled out with white and outline in black. I also made a face with some really angry eyebrows, which was a lot of fun! Finally, with the last of my paint I wrote out Beachside Bestside on a different wall, to commemorate our current experience living at Beachside dorms. I have to remember it somehow, why not through graffiti writing?

A funny thing that happened was as we were spray painting the wall, a large group of tourists came by and starting taking photos of us and our artwork. It was really cool actually! It’s nice to witness your art being appreciate first hand! Watching people come take photos of our art made going to the art walls in Venice Beach even better!

All in all, the graffiti writing project was a lot of fun, and though I was nervous at first, I fell right into making art I really loved. I would definitely consider going back to Venice Beach and trying this project all over again. Hopefully, with more experience and a new vision of what I want to create! I can’t wait!

Here are some photos from the experience:


Extra Credit: Visit the LA Louvre Art Gallery

After we did our graffiti writings, the three of us decided to make the seven minute walk to the LA Louvre Art Gallery. When we got there, we were surprised to find out that the gallery would not be officially open until the 14th! However, the lovely lady at the front desk let us walk around anyway, and on the second floor of the gallery we were allowed to a take a photo with any piece we saw fit, as long as we didn’t reveal what they layout of the entire floor looked like. (No spoilers in case any of you plan on going!)

I chose to take a photo in an outside art room in which every wall was covered with brilliant shades of blue. It was so pretty to look at and even more amazing to stand within! The entire place was so gorgeous, so when the actual gallery opens on November 14th, you all should go! You might even see me there!


Alrighty everyone, that’s all for this activity post. As I’ve said, if you have the opportunity of going to Venice Beach, you absolutely should. It is an experience unlike any other, and just a fantastic place to learn more about the people around you. And of course to make art pieces! As always, I hope you all have a fantastic week, now go make some art!

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