Wk B6 Activity: Environmental Portraits

Hello everyone! I’m back again to share a little bit about this week’s activity in Art 110. This week, our project was to take an environmental portrait of ourselves, showing who we are in the environment we make art, create, or pursue our passion in.

With the help of Audrey Resella and our wonderful other roommate Ally Mendrella, we set up a sheet on the floor, made some mood lighting, and gathered the tools we use to pursue our passions and majors. In my case, that would now be (due to a recent change in major, which could be its own post entirely) illustration/animation. Gathering my art pens and charcoal cases, many paintbrushes and sketches I have made in recent months to create the environment that embodies my passions.

So without further ado, here’s my environmental portrait:


Fun fact: The last one is probably my favorite! 🙂

What I was going for in this shoot was to try and emulate the calming atmosphere that I usually like to draw and create in. That usually means putting on a string of lights, maybe a salt lamp too, grabbing a sketchbook, and just getting to work. Oddly enough, despite being in a dorm room, it is really easy to achieve great mood lighting through use of yellow towels. (The more you know huh?) I wanted to do the environmental in my own dorm room because currently, that my home base for creativity. It’s where I sketch, draw, and finish projects. It is the current so-called ‘home’ I’m staying in, and what’s better than using that area to express what you’re passionate about?

I think, (and really hope) that I was successful in presenting the environment that I use to pursue my passions. After all, until earlier this week, my environmental portrait would have looked a lot different. It would have included a camera or a script, maybe even been in another location. But that’s really telling of life isn’t it? I made the life choice to pursue what I was truly passionate about, a medium that I want to create with to connect to the people around me. Through the lighting and my multiple sketches, I think I was able to project how calm drawing and creating makes me. After all, drawing is the primary way I reduce stress and tackle my anxiety, and without it who knows where I would be. I truly think I was able to emulate that idea in this activity.

That being said, if I had the opportunity to do this activity again, there are a few things that I might do differently. For instance, maybe I would take the photoshoot outside, incorporating what I do when I go to sketch references for landscape drawings. I could have includes paintings of mine in the photo, or taken an action shot of me behind a desk, drawing something I love. There are so many options I could choose from, so many ways to grow as an artist, that its hard to list them all. First and foremost, it would be very interesting to try a different type of lighting and see how that effected not only the shot but the entire tone of the picture as a whole. I can’t wait to eventually try this activity again and see what I can mess around with to make the photoshoot better than before. I hope to show those new photos to you all too when the time comes!

That’s all for this activity folks! Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and hopefully I will have some new interviews and activities to share from Art 110 really soon. As always, I hope you all have a lovely day, now go make some art!

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