Wk B9 Activity: Finger Painting


(Above is my finger-painting! I hope you like it!)

Hello everyone! I am back once again with another post about this week’s activity in Art110 at Cal State Long Beach. This week, our class activity was to do finger painting! I honestly have not finger painted since I was in first grade, so this was definitely an experience, and it was an absolutely amazing one!

The experience of finger painting was not stressful at all which was fantastic! I had just gotten back to the dorms after my last class of the day and saw my friends Chloe and Julia sitting outside, and I brought up that I had to finger paint. I soon found out that they would love to finger paint too! So I was really excited to get my acrylic paints and some paper and come back downstairs and paint with them.

When I got upstairs to grab the supplies, I found Audrey in our dorm room and got her to come down and finger-paint with us too, our numbers growing even larger as we grabbed our friend Dylan, forming a solid group of finger painters when only two of us are actually in Art 110.

And honestly, I’m really glad we had so many friends finger-painting with us. It made the experience even more fun, and it felt like I was back in second grade again, just having fun making art with my friends. It was a really nostalgic experience that I did not know before hand that I was missing.

What I wasn’t prepared for though, funnily enough, was how hard finger painting actually can be. I did not know how hard it is to keep your colors separated when your tools are literally your fingers! Colors I did not want mixing kept getting combined and things were spilling everywhere making a pretty large mess. But the true challenge of my finger-painting experience was the fact that we chose to do it outside. It was so windy out! All of our papers kept blowing away, and the paper towel roll we had was rolling halfway down the walkway! Though it was really hard to keep track of everything, it was definitely one of the funniest art activities we have done so far!

Another challenging aspect of the activity was trying to make an art piece without a true subject. I love abstract art and looking at pieces that fall into the ideas of abstraction makes your mind whirl with a bunch of different thoughts. But trying to shut those thoughts down to just make random dots and lines? It is so difficult! I had started with rows and rows of dots, thinking back to an art project I made in high school where all we could make were dots, but by a certain point my mind started shifting to adding a large amount of blue and swirling shapes. My mind is never silent, so trying to strip back my thoughts and just paint was very hard to achieve. It was really inspiring though to have no guidelines, just painting wherever I saw fit, and it was nice to know that there were no expectations to be met, only a new art piece to be made. I think the fact that the art had to be abstract made the experience even more enjoyable to be honest.

(However, I must say that despite trying to turn my thoughts off and make an abstract piece, it still kind of looks like a pond of fish. Maybe that’s just me though.)

Comparing this piece to other pieces, I can honestly say it is definitely not as good. However, finger-painting wise I think I did really well! I’m very happy with my painting and I like that I had the opportunity to use a lot of different pastels and dark acrylic colors to make something I can truly look at and be proud of. That being said, people can do some truly incredible things with abstract art, and I would love to study the idea more and see what I can improve upon to make an even better abstract piece next time. Maybe in a different style than finger-painting though 🙂

Overall, this was a really fun project to work on, and it really made me feel like a little kid again. I hope to do more projects like this again in the future, because I don’t think anyone should let go of their childhood wonder. There is just too much creativity that can be found in one’s imagination. I hope you all get the opportunity to finger-paint sometime soon. Just let your creativity take you wherever it may!

That’s all for this post everyone. I’ll be back soon with a short story about this week’s artist conversation. All of the artists were so incredible in the gallery this week, and I can’t wait to share one with you. I hope you all have a fantastic day, now go make some art!

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