Wk B10 Activity: One More (a.k.a. Erica Vlogs Again…It’s a Miracle!)

Hello everyone! We have finally made it to the last activity for my Art 110 class! This week was One More, in which we were to take a previous activity that we have done in the class and try it again.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure: Fair warning, it’s still long (because how could I not?):

I chose to make another vlog, despite knowing how hard it was to finish the first one. Yet even so, it was a lot of fun to do again, even if I did fall off my skateboard a few times…you’ll see. I am proud of my first vlog, but I really did not want to just sit in front of a camera again, I wanted to keep an audience entertained for as long as possible while still having a longer video. I also wanted to cover more topics than last time, as in my first vlog I only talked about my week in review. I did do another week in review in this vlog, but I discuss what comes next in my college career and what I am grateful for from this semester.

There were definitely some strengths and weaknesses about my first vlog. The strengths were that I was able to directly address the camera in a way I felt comfortable, and I gave myself a good amount of time to edit to make sure the vlog came out the way I wanted it to. However, the downsides to the first vlog were I kept getting distracted when recording by things that were going on outside, and I had some major technical difficulties which made the entire vlogging situation incredibly stressful.

My major goals for this vlog were to try something entirely different structure wise, breaking the video up in to more parts. I wanted to thank all the people that have supported me up to this point and I wanted to make something that was both fun and funny to watch. I also was really hoping to make a video that would not take too long to edit and one that I could finish in a timely manner.

In reality, making this vlog did not go too bad. Yes, there were a few sound issues that were too difficult to fix, and I learned very quickly that trying to push a skateboard and hold a camera steady can be quite a challenge, but I had an absolute blast making this vlog. I fell off my skateboard three times, which wasn’t a lot of fun, but I now have a story to tell whenever someone asks me why some of my videos cut off so abruptly! I am proud that I took a lot of time to edit the video, and I am happy that the final product almost entirely reflects the vlog I was hoping to create. The best part, if I do say so myself, is the fact that my wonderful friend Isaac Embry made some music for the end of my vlog! Thank you again Isaac!

Yes, the video has some mistakes, and it might be rough around the edges, but I am proud that I actually went out there and filmed another vlog. I am a really shy person so putting something of mine out on the internet really stresses me out. But I’m glad I did it, because I was able to prove to myself that I can. That way I now have the opportunity to make more vlogs in the future as I continue my time in college, building a type of time capsule I can one day look back upon and smile about. It’s all thanks to Art 110! Thank you Professor Zucman! Art 110 has been an incredible experience and I hope more classes I take down the line will be as rewarding and exciting as this one. Thank you.

Well we finally made it. After so many artist interviews and art activities, we have reached the end of the line. Everything has been completed! But that doesn’t mean there are not more opportunities to make things. I hope to continue writing on this blog into the future, sharing art pieces and thoughts that come to mind as I make my way through college here at Cal State Long Beach. I hope you all tag along! It has been an absolute pleasure to get to share these with you all.

And for the last time, for now, I hope you all have a fantastic week. And as always…


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